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Norvasc Reviews
May 31, 2021 (04:03)

My Cardio Dr. started me on this BP drug 3 weeks ago. I'm going back to him next week. I will tell him to switch me to something else!! I feel so dizzy almost 24-7. I also noticed that on some days I also have arm pain, as if I had slept strangely on it. I can live with it - I can't live with this hoax!!! I've also been taking Atenolol 50mg daily - for years - and have no problem with it. This amlodipine besylate won't work. My doctor only drugged me 2.5 mg because he says I just need a small boost for my HBP, but that doesn't work for me. This vertigo and vertigo must stop! However, it starts to lower my blood pressure for many days and when it goes up again I'll be in my 140s-150s.

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