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How to lower your Cholesterol levels in natural ways?

Cholesterol is very important for your body as it keeps walls of cells flexible and also produces various hormones. But too much cholesterol is not good for your body as it can create several problems.

Cholesterol, just like fat, does not get dissolved in the water and get transported in your body. This is why you really need to keep cholesterol in check. If you have high amount of cholesterol in your body, then you should lower it naturally. It would be better for you to buy online cholesterol test kit if you want to measure cholesterol. Here are some of the best natural ways by following which you can effectively lower cholesterol.

Focus on the mono-saturated fats

If you are really looking forward to control your cholesterol, then focussing on consuming mono-saturated fats will be helpful. There are several food sources that are rich with this fat such as olive oil, canola oil, cashew, walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, avocados etc.

Eat soluble fibre

Soluble fibre is known to be a group of various compounds in the plants that generally get dissolved in the water and humans cannot digest it. The regular consumption of this fibre is really known to be very impactful in lowering cholesterol in your body. Moreover, the soluble fibre can also enhance cholesterol benefits as well as reduces risks of disease in the process. Some food sources that have soluble fibre are whole grains, oats, fruit, lentils, peas, beans etc. Along with consuming this fibre, you can also proceed to buy cholesterol medicine online to maximize the benefits. 

Do exercise

Exercise is must for you as on one hand it enhances your physical fitness and combats obesity and on the other hand it effectively reduces cholesterol in your body. Even if you manage to do low intensity exercises like walking, then it will also be beneficial for you. As per various researches, regular exercise of 30 min is more than enough to lower your cholesterol and reduce risk of the heart disease.

Lose weight

Losing extra weight is one of the most important things that you should do to lower your body cholesterol. More weight means more fat which amounts to more amount of cholesterol in the process. Alongside losing your weight, you can also decide to get cholesterol meds for your own convenience.

Don’t smoke

Smoking might be responsible for heart disease and increase amount of cholesterol in your body. Immune cells in the smokers are not able to return the cholesterol from the vessel walls to blood for transport to liver. This is why if you are an active smoker then you should stop smoking as doing so can reverse the process.

Don’t drink or do it in moderation

It would be better if you manage to completely refrain from drinking. Drinking might contribute in more amount of body cholesterol. Even if you cannot completely stop drinking, you should try to use it in the moderate amount in order to keep cholesterol levels under control.



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