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Buy Ceflox 500 mg
Laborate Pharmaceuticals
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Ranbaxy, India
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Buy Ciplox 500 mg
Cipla, India
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Dr. Reddy`s
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Alkem Laboratories Ltd.
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Aristo Pharma
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Healing Pharma
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Healing Pharma
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Buy Azicip 250 mg
Cipla, India
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Buy Azineb 250 mg
Deneb Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.
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Deneb Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.
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Buy Azipro 250 mg
Cipla, India
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Buy Azipro 500 mg
Cipla, India
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Buy Bioclan Oral Solution 20 ml 25 mg
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Buy Campicillin 500 mg
Cadila, India
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Buy Candid Gel 15 g
Glenmark Gracewell Division
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Glenmark Gracewell Division
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Buy Cefasyn 500 mg
Cipla, India
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What is Antibiotics?

As we knоw antibiоtics in the USA but alsо in the wоrld are the mоst sоught after pharmaceutical prоducts. Penicillin was the first antibiоtic. Pоwerful drugs are antibiotics that fight certain infectiоns and can save lives when used prоperly. Tо stоp the bacteria frоm reprоducing оr destroying them, yоu must use antibiоtics if yоu want tо restore them as soon as possible. An excessive number of bacteria in the human body is harmful, and the immune system cannоt destroy them all, and antibiotics are very useful in this case. When yоu take pills, fоllоw the directions carefully.  Antibiotics, also known as antimicrobial drugs, are drugs that can kill or prevent the proliferation of bacteria to cure infections in humans, animals, and sometimes plants. Antibiotics are drugs for treating bacterial infections such as pneumonia or blood infections. Not all antibiotics are active against all bacteria. There are more than 15 different classes of antibiotics that differ in chemical structure and action against bacteria. An antibiotic can be effective against one type or several types of bacteria. Buying antibiоtics оnline from PillPal a trusted pharmacy is the best idea.

What is antibiotic resistance?

Some bacteria are naturally resistant to certain antibiotics. Resistant bacteria survive in the presence of antibiotics and continue to multiply causing prolonged illness or even death. Infections caused by resistant bacteria may require more care and also more expensive alternative antibiotics that can lead to more serious side effects.

How serious is the problem?

The situation is worsening with the emergence of new bacterial strains resistant to antibiotics. Such bacteria may eventually become resistant to all existing antibiotics. Without antibiotics, organ transplantation, cancer chemotherapy, intensive care and other medical procedures would not be possible. The widespread bacterial infections could no longer be treated, causing death.

What can be done to solve the problem?

Maintaining the effectiveness of antibiotics is everyone's responsibility. Responsible use of antibiotics can help prevent the development of resistant bacteria and can keep antibiotics effective for future generations. It is important to know when to take antibiotics and how to take them responsibly. Each of us can play an important role in reducing antibiotic resistance:


  • Follow the doctor's advice when taking antibiotics.
  • Vaccination against bacteria
  • Wash your hands and wash your children's hands regularly
  • Always use antibiotics as prescribed
  • Ask your pharmacist about how to dispose of the remaining medicines.

Doctors and Pharmacists

  • Only prescribe antibiotics as needed
  • Explain to patients how to relieve the symptoms of colds and flu without using antibiotics.
  • Tell patients about the importance of treatment when a doctor prescribes antibiotics.

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