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Encountering the Herpes Virus Infection

Generally herpes infection is quite common and most of the adults have one or more herpes infections during their lifetime. These infections are caused by Herpesviridae Viruses, which is a family of DNA viruses. Infections caused by herpes simplex virus type 1(HSV-1) occur in the labial area (above the waist) and infections caused by herpes simplex virus type 2 occur in the genital areas (below the waist).Clinical manifestation and the course of the infection depend on the patient’s age, immunological condition and it has been noted that primary infections tend to be severe with systematic signs and symptoms.

Dependence on effectiveness of cellular enzymes

Basically the anti-herpes medication used to treat herpes simplex virus infection is nucleoside analogs in nature. Most of the antiviral agents need to be activated by viral and cellular enzymes before exerting the antiviral effects. So the efficacy of the medications depends on the activity of the cellular enzymes. Most commonly used medication is Acyclovir genre and the various generic forms are available so that you will not find them expensive. Apart from the tablet form this class of medication, anti-herpes drugs are also available in the form of liquid for persons who have trouble in case of swallowing. Now the patients should take the medicines as directed even if they are feeling better. The medication may help to prevent recurrent infection. In the case the patient misses a dose then he or she should take it as soon as possible. Now in order to fight an infection it is required to drink plenty of water because the medications pass through the kidneys. It is recommended to drink 8 full glasses of water everyday. The tablets, capsules or oral liquid should be kept at room temperature, away from heat and light and moisture. The common side effects of such medications include nausea, vomiting, headache, abdominal pain, and reduction of white blood cell count. The serious side effects include increased heart beat, depression and seizures. That is the reason you should follow the recommended dose. You should know medicines of probenecid and cimetidine genre may interact with medicines used in herpes treatment.

Antiviral and immune system restoring treatment

It has been observed that anti herpes cream is recommended in the case of facial herpes infections where cold sores and fever blisters are noted. The main active ingredient of any cream is behenyl alcohol. This type of alcohol was traditionally used as emollient and thickner.Clinical study has shown that the ingredient heals the facial sores in a quick time. The patient has to apply the creams 5 times a day in general and use it for 10 days. It is found that in another cream the main ingredient is Povidone-lodine which is renowned for antiseptic and wound cleansing properties. The side effects of such creams may include dizziness, rash, lethargy and headache. Now anti herpes pills are in fact are used to treat herpesvirus infection. The treatment is carried in two directions, on one hand the medications are used and on the other hand antiviral therapy is also carried out. Like the creams, the pills also eliminate the painful symptoms and accelerate the healing process. The advanced treatment procedure considers different mechanism that influences the virus. Treatment is carried out in the antiviral means and the same time the immune system is restored.

Advantages of online purchase

You will get a number of advantages if you buy the tablets, pills and creams online including definite price benefit. Now compared to the over counter products you get more authenticated product online. You have to follow the instruction of the physian strictly so that the side effects can be reduced.

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