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For seamless functioning, our organism needs particular elements. Vitamins and minerals are some of them. We need them for the development and smooth work of all systems, but it does not produce it – that’s why the most frequent source is food. They help prevent using medications for skin and hair and help anti-herpes medication work better.

What are Vitamins?

Before you buy vitamins online, it’s better to clarify what they are. Food contains these compounds of organic nature, so by eating certain products, we can get the required volume of vitamins for maintaining health. When you order vitamins and supplements online, these are pills with a bigger concentration of indicated agents. Tablets usually have a complex of vitamins. 

Vitamin Types

Specialists distinguish: fat-soluble (dissolving well in oil because their structures are similar) and those dissolving in water. Thus, to get the best effect from taking the fat-soluble vitamins, you should consume them with fatty foods. They are marked with letters A, D, K, and E. C and all B vitamins are regarded as best dissolved in water. 

Functioning of Letter Vitamins

If you need a specific answer to "why do we need vitamins?", here’s the list of their effects:

  • A – for healthy teeth, bones, soft tissues, mucosae, and skin;
  • C – for better immunity, collagen production, and iron uptake;
  • D – helps calcium absorption;
  • E – improves immunity and red blood corpuscles forming;
  • K – for stronger bones and heart.

The group of vitamins B consists:

  • B1 – allows to use glucose and fatty acids for producing energy;
  • B2 – enhances protein tissue building and promotes energy;
  • B3 – for production and delivery of sex and stress hormones;
  • B5 – for better metabolism, adrenal gland, and nervous system work;
  • B6 – has a complex effect, helps amino acids metabolism and production of neurotransmitters;
  • B7 – helps cellular energy and enhances the digestion of carbohydrates, fats, and amino acids;
  • B9 – is indispensable for cell divition;
  • B12 – for better fatty acid metabolism, energy production, and nerves.

As you can see, it’s better to use vitamins pharmacy in combinations, depending on the things your organism lacks.

What are Mineral Supplements?

Mineral supplements are supplementary drugs to compensate for the gaps in your nutrition. Using them, you can get the necessary minerals if your diet is not complex enough to provide them naturally from the food. 


Your organism needs many macrominerals to function well. Some of the elements are Ca, P, Mg, Na, K, Cl, and S.

Trace minerals

Looking for mineral supplements online, consider you need lesser minerals of this category. Some are magnesium, brass, fluorine, and selenium.

What are Amino Acids?

These acids are compounds consisting mainly of azote, CO2, H2, and O2. Why do we need amino acids? They serve to produce proteins, hormones, and neurotransmitters. 

Amino Acids Types

Amino acids pharmacy divides these compounds into:

  • Essential – the body is unable to produce them, so they come with the food. To keep the balance between all the types, keep the diet balanced and diverse. 
  • Nonessential – are produced by our bodies. Though, we can still get those from foods.
  • Conditional – their production depends on health conditions. The organism produces them in case of disorders or stress.

To buy amino acids, you need to find out which of them are excessive, sufficient, or missing. 

Is it Safe to Buy Vitamins Online?

You save much time and effort if you buy mineral supplements or purchase vitamins online. Using the PillPal online pharmacy, you can be calm about the quality and reliability, as the pharmacy provides the highest service level. But it’s always better to consult your doctor and a pharmacist before you order amino acids online.

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