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Good sleep is necessary for having a sound mind

Getting a good sleep is very important because a good night’s sleep can improve learning, decision making, memory and even your creative skills. Now on the other hand getting insufficient sleep is linked to a higher risk of conditions like heart disease, diabetes and obesity. You should be aware of the fact that good sleep often starts with good sleep habits.Aaprt from the medications the natural ways to get a good sleep include valerian root, magnesium rich foods or supplements, fragrance of lavender, passion flower ,glycine and sleep promoting supplements. Otherwise the over the counter sleeping aids are antihistamine in nature.

How the sleeping tablets work

Generally the sleeping aid tablets should be taken shortly before going to bed. You should not drive or perform such activity which needs concentration after taking such medicine. It is really risky to drive after you have taken the medicine because you will feel sleepy and accidents may occur.Antidpressants are very good at treating sleeplessness and anxiety. You will find such sleeping drugs so that you will fall asleep quickly; a particular medicine blocks the hormone that promotes wakefulness on the other hand other type of medicine works by targeting sleep-wake cycle. Somehow these medicines cause drowsiness in the morning. In the case you are suffering from insomnia then you can make an appointment with a physician. Now the treatment will depend on the reasons that cause insomnia. You should know that in the case you take sleeping pills you should disclose to the physician in the case you have liver or kidney disease. You should be watchful in an important aspect that which sleeping aids are covered by the insurance companies.

The types of sleeping aids and the side effects

Before you take any particular medicine you should be well informed about the, sleeping pills side effects most comprehensively. The side effects may include dizziness and headache, gastrointestinal problem, allergic reaction, day time memory and performance problem and prolonged drowsiness. The side effects depend on the type of drug, the related dose and the length of use. Most sleeping aids are classified as "sedative hypnotics"; this class includes benzodiazepines, barbiturates and various hypnotics. Some of the sleeping aids are anti-anxiety medicines too. You should be aware of the fact that neither medicine nor an antidepressant is not permissible for pregnant and breast feeding mother, in the case they feel the need for using them then a physician should be contacted. There are different types of sleeping tablets which include Benzodiazepines, Antihistamines and Melatonin. Now you should remember that physicians do not recommend such tablets for a long time because that may cause rebound insomnia. The physician or nurse may suggest alternative to such tablets which is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.Yoy will find that the physician prescribe such tablets for a short time to get over a bad patch of sleeplessness.

Selecting a reliable website

Now the sleeping aids have proved to be most effective when used for a short time may be while travelling across time zone or recovering from a medical procedure. In the case you want to use such pills for a long time then it is better to use them when needed. In the case you buy such pills online then you should not buy from that website which sells prescription drugs without a prescription.

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