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Lifestyle, stress, and bad habits impact the state of our skin and hair. The problems with the other systems can reflect on our largest organ and cause various disorders. So to avoid skin diseases and hair conditions, you can use antibiotics, vitamins and minerals, and organize the treatment of skin diseases instantly. 

Factors that Affect Skin Health

People often need pharmacy skincare when facing such factors as:

  • incorrect diet – too many sugars or fatty foods;
  • strong emotions – lead to a surge of hormones that affects skin conditions;
  • long-lasting stress and chronic fatigue – there’s not enough time for cell renewal;
  • bad habits – smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages affect the skin;
  • sedentary lifestyle – it’s connected with lymph movement;
  • cosmetics – if decorative or care cosmetics are low-quality;
  • diseases of the other systems of the organism cause the need for dermatology drugs;
  • family history – a predisposition to some disorders related to your genetic code.

These aspects lead to various skin diseases.

The Most Common Skin Conditions

People need medications for skin for the following problems:

  • psoriasis – causes rash looking like itchy patches that flake, located on limbs bends, scalp, and torso parts;
  • eczema or dermatitis – also causes itchy rash and redness, but this condition may cover the entire body;
  • vitiligo – a pigmentation disorder caused by the exterior impact, oral medications, and genetic heritage (dermatology medicines make it less visible);
  • scabies – an allergic reaction to the itch mites that causes a rash similar to pimples; 
  • ringworm – appears in the form of circular rashes and may cause hair loss; 
  • impetigo – bacterial infection, leads to forming scabs of yellowish color on face and limbs;
  • urticaria – causes inflammation on the skin, feels like burning or stinging; 
  • rosacea – chronic disease resulting from dilated blood vessels (affects mostly face);
  • acne – typical for teens and people with hormonal disorders.

These conditions occur at different ages and thus require considerate diagnostics for proper skin care medication.

Most Prescribed Dermatology Drugs

As for the most widespread skincare pharmacy, the list of medication types includes:

  • retinoids – drugs for skin conditions reducing the speed of skin cells;  
  • antibiotics – mostly oral skin medications;
  • antifungal skin medicine – to treat infections;
  • antiviral skin care drugs – often used against herpes and zoster;
  • corticosteroids – for beating autoimmune reactions and dermatitis;
  • immunosuppressing medicine for skin – for handling psoriasis and dermatitis.

These agents are common dermatology medications for treatment. 

Factors that Influence Hair Growth

The health of our hair also depends a lot on our lifestyle and genetic inclinations. So the factors do not differ much from those that affect skin health. 

The Most Common Hair and Scalp Conditions

Hair diseases are similar to those occurring with our skin. You can discover ringworm or psoriasis on your scalp with almost the same symptoms.

In other cases, you need medications for hair to treat the following disorders:

  • dandruff and its aggravation – seborrheic dermatitis (skin flakes with the redness and lesions expanding);
  • cradle cap – affects infants;
  • lice on your head – parasites causing inflammations and scratching;
  • folliculitis – inflammatory condition where the hair roots sit;
  • lichen planus – requires complex hair care medicine.

High-quality hair treatment medicines help deal with the listed.

Medications for Hair Treatment

Hair medicine includes drug treatment and changing lifestyle. You can find external hair medications or those for oral administration (this hair care pharmacy is very similar to the medicine for skin care).

PillPal online pharmacy provides diverse medicines for hair and skin. Order internationally and stay in comfort while searching for your best treatment. Remember to consult the doctor first, as it helps you select the best skin and hair care medications according to your peculiarities. 

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