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Flucan 150 mg

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Manufacturer: Pfizer
Substance: Fluconazole
Pack: 10 tabs (150 mg/tab)

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Flucan 150 mg Reviews
May 28, 2021 (13:15)

I have had bacterial vaginitis three times. When I went to gynecology with a sore vagina, we both assumed that my sensitive internal pH meant BV again. She gave me strong antibiotic suppositories and my itching became unbearable. 5 days later, when I was unable to sit up because of the burn, she informed me that my test results had just arrived. Apparently we were treating a yeast infection with an antibiotic that normally causes yeast infections and turns into Godzilla yeast. She prescribed two 150 mg tablets 2 days apart. I had never had a yeast infection before so I didn't know what to expect. A few hours after taking the first pill, the itching is almost gone. What I wasn't prepared for was that the next morning I discovered a shocking amount of watery curd discharge, all of which describe what I didn't have before. I hope / suppose this means it is working and the yeast will be excreted when it dies (?) I have no side effects, I have no symptoms and I am excited today.

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